Tissue Culture Laboratory

Tissue Culture Laboratory and Settling Production Unit - Budgetary Proposal for the year 2019-20

Tissue Culture Laboratory

Sl.No.Particulars Amount (Rs.)
1.Chemicals 20,000.00
2.Labour wages 1,79,193.00
3.Scientist’s salary 10,09,200.00
4.Scientist’s HRA 69,480.00
5.Scientist’s EPF 21,600.00
Total Rs:12,99,473.00

Settling Production Unit     Production of settlings: 15, 00,000

ParticularsQuantity requiredRate (Rs.)Amount (Rs.)
Protrays18,270 Nos.11/- each2,00,970.00
Bagasse8 ton2000/ton16,000.00
Seed150 ton2150/ton3,22,500.00
Field Assistant’s salary----2,42,280.00
Labours (PF)850318/day2,70,300.00
Casual labour850200/day1,24,800.00
Total Rs.11,81,850.00
EXPENSEAmount in Rs
Tissue Culture Lab 12,99,473.00
Settling production 11,81,850.00
Sale of settlings (15 lacs)
Selling price Rs.2 each
Total Expenses24,81,323.00
Net income 5,18,677.00

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